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Ep. 55 – Maker Month with woodworker Darren Myers of From These Woods

From bottle openers to cutting boards to custom-made furniture, he’s making a living with his hands

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It’s week two of Maker Month, and this week’s episode features local woodworker Darren Myers. A degree in art, followed by a home purchase that required a lot of work, led Myers to travel to Vermont to learn more about woodworking. He believes that the physical aspect of working with his hands is what makes him so passionate about the craft, and the fact that he is “able to harness an old-school skill set in the modern day, where it’s not as not as prevalent as it used to be.” Learn about what influences him, his process, and his dream projects.

When asked if Pittsburgh helps or hinders his work as an artist, Myers explains:

“I’ve struggled with location in my life, where I’m supposed to be or what I’m drawn to. I’m not very far away from the woods. Even in my neighborhood, I can go and grab a trunk of a tree that’s across the street. You can’t really do that in a lot of other cities. So the geological aspect of it is crucial. I think Pittsburgh is part of the reason why I’m able to do what I do.”

Similar to last week’s guest, graphic designer Paul Haggerty, Myers also made some “pandemic projects,” including some dice cups that were a result of playing a baseball simulation game with his friends over Zoom earlier this year.

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The audio episode was hosted by Aadam Soorma, recorded remotely, engineered and edited by Epicast Studios.

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