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Roslyn Place is still paved in wooden blocks

Here’s an interesting piece of history and a Pittsburgh fun fact: a small dead-end street in Shadyside is one of a handful of streets left in the world that is still paved in wooden blocks. Roslyn Place, off Ellsworth, isn’t concrete or even cobblestone, it features a unique surface known as Nicolson pavement.

Preservation Pittsburgh nominated Roslyn Place for historic designation last fall. You can read the entire application for historic designation here.

Roslyn Place
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Roslyn Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA
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Wooden pavement on Roslyn Place. Photo Credit: Preservation Pittsburgh.

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Where else can you find wooden streets?

There are just a few of these wooden streets that still exists…

  • Chicago still has a few wood block alleys. (More photos on Forgotten Chicago).
  • St. Louis: 10th street between Olive and Locust Streets
  • Philadelphia: 200 block of Camac Street
  • Cleveland: Hessler Court