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Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride: Join a few hundred cyclist for a bike ride in your underpants

The monthly Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride promotes positive body image and safe cycling

Update October 22, 2019: The October Underwear Bike Ride will be held on Thursday, October 24, not October 31st as we had previously noted. This post has been updated with that information. 

Have you seen a crowd of folks riding their bikes through the streets of Pittsburgh in their underwear? This is the Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride, a monthly group ride that promotes positive body image and cycling advocacy.

The ride is free to participate in and suitable for beginners. Around 200 riders have participated in some of the rides last year.


Pittsburgh Underwear Ride Dates & Destinations

All rides begin at 46th and Butler Street in Lawrenceville

  • MAY 30 @ 8pm // Ride to Belvederes Ultra-Dive
  • JUN 27 @ 8 pm // Ride to Ace Hotel
  • JUL 25 @ 8 pm // Ride to Spirit
  • AUG 29 @ 8 pm // Ride to Harris Grille Downtown
  • SEP 26 @ 8 pm // Ride to de Fer Coffee & Tea
  • OCT 24 @ 8 pm // Ride to Over the Bar

Know before you go: Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride

Some suggestions from the Pittsburgh Underwear Ride organizers to help make sure you have a fun and safe ride.

(Suggested) Rules to a successful ride.

  1. Have FUN!
  2. Helmets & Lights (PA law requires lights at night)
  3. Stay behind ride leaders (unless you are a marshal).
  4. Stay in the right lane when we are riding in two lanes of traffic.
  5. Be respectful of other riders and drivers.
  6. Know the route before the ride (it is posted on the event page), make sure you are comfortable with the terrain and distance.
  7. Age 21+ Ride

(Suggested) Items to bring to an Underwear Bike Ride

  1. Underwear!
  2. Money & I.D.
  3. Lock, spare tube, tools, pump (consider learning how to change a flat tire).

(Suggested) Pre-ride Bike Maintainance

  1. Check tires and inflate to the proper pressure.
  2. Check brakes.
  3. Check chain and shifting.

Learn more about the Pittsburgh Underwear Ride

Pittsburgh Underwear Ride Facebook Page

Pittsburgh’s Underwear Ride connects the city’s history of cycling and beer

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Header photo credit: Pgh Underwear Ride Facebook page.