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Podcasts for your Fourth of July weekend

We selected these episodes from our archives. They’re the perfect accompaniment for porch sitting, house projects, or for driving out of tahn. 

We’re headed into another long weekend, so here’s some podcast episodes you might have missed. Press play for interviews about getting outdoors, enjoying your backyard, and exploring our city.

Do you struggle to flex your green thumb?

Did you buy a bunch of plants during the first few months of staying home this past spring?  Meet Natasha Brittain, one of the owners of Shadyside Nursery.

It’s hot and city pools are closed.

Good thing we have lots of rivers to explore. Meet Ian Smith, founder and lead guide of SurfSUP Adventures. His stand-up paddleboarding experiences allow you to safely get out on the water while remaining socially distant. He has a perfect record of getting people to balance and stand on the boards, too.

Has your backyard grill been working overtime?

Meet Doug Derda, the man behind Yinz Love BBQ, a local website focused on all things barbeque in Western PA. He shouts out some of his favorite places for takeout (including a spot for smoked tofu) and some of his tips for purchasing meat, rubs, and accessories.

Looking to explore a different neighborhood?

Meet Laura Zurowski and Dean Bog. Their projects focus on doing just that. In episode 15, Laura Zurowski shares how the book “Pittsburgh Steps: The Story of the City’s Public Stairways” by Bob Regan led to her quest to climb and document all the flights of stairs in Pittsburgh. In episode 18, local YouTube sensation Dean Bog shares his process for making those neighborhood videos you’ve seen shared all over social media.

Laura Zurowski 

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When we walk the city steps, we follow the paths of those who have come before us: the workers, the children, the mothers with their babies. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of thoughts and prayers, hopes and dreams, sorrows and anxieties are infused in the concrete, stone, and steel that carried them every day. The hillsides hold their voices and songs, laughter, and cries. It doesn't take much imagination to conjure up the conversations and concerns of these ancestors. Chances are, they were very much like our own. Will I have enough money to pay that bill? Should I agree to go out on a date with him or her? When will that pain in my knee go away? To the uninitiated, visiting the stairs may appear to be a very solitary and lonely activity. But when you're there, staring at the skyline or marveling at trees occupying spaces where homes once stood, you quickly realize you're never truly alone, and the silence surrounding you is full of answers. . #Trip448 #Pittsburgh #Elliott #BalfourStreet #WestEnd #Temperanceville #stepsofpittsburgh #publicstairways #historicpittsburgh #pittsburghhistory #412project #piecesofpittsburgh #steelcitygrammers #missedconnections #urbex #missteps #polaroid #spectra #wabisabi #nothinglasts #nothingisfinished #nothingisperfect #theperfectionofimperfection #sourcesofstrength #whathelpsus #hopehelpstrength #hopewriterlife

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Dean Bog

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