Memorial Day, Pursuits/Hobbies

Podcasts for your Memorial Day weekend

If you are hitting the road or doing some work around your house, we think these podcast episodes will set you up for the unofficial start of summer.

Sure, this Memorial Day weekend will be a little different than years past, but we have compiled some of our favorite podcast episodes to keep you company. We might be biased, but we think these are a great accompaniment if you are driving out of town, working on your house or even exploring the city on a long walk.

Get Outdoors

Ep. 19 – We talk to Christine Iksic, co-owner of Three Rivers Outdoor Co., about camping for beginners and we learn that Western PA is a great place for whitewater kayaking.

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Some days you just gotta let go of all the “I Shoulds.” I’m not so great at that. Luckily I’ve got a partner and friends in my life who are great at just pulling me away from it all when I need it most. Following your dreams isn’t always rainbows and smiles. It’s a constant struggle of feeling overwhelmed and second guessing yourself. Did I make the right decision, will we succeed, why did I do this? Those are the days you just gotta getaway and leave it all behind and do something to reenergize and just spend the day breathing in deeply. I started this business because I love the outdoors in Western Pa and while I’m not a superstar in any given sport being out there whether hiking, biking, or kayaking is where I find my truth. It is what makes me a decent human, it humbles me, and makes me feel such incredible joy!! These are the reasons I (and Chris) started @3riversoutdoorco. I hope we are successful and are here for years to come but even more I hope we share this passion and inspire others to find their own joy here in Western PA. #3rocpgh #3riversoutdoorcompany #nomoreshoulds #getoutside #wildpa #pghoutdoors

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Step up to explore Pittsburgh neighborhoods

Ep. 15 – Laura Zurowski is climbing all of Pittsburgh’s city steps and documenting them with a Polaroid camera. If you plan to take an urban hike, this episode is a perfect accompaniment.

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When there's something we want to have, or do, or become, we often try very, very hard to bring it to fruition. Working hard to make a dream a reality is a good thing, but sometimes, we can become so focused on the ends that the means we use to get there can become contrived, forced, or orchestrated. We might be tempted (and even decide) to cut corners, take "short cuts," or deal less than honestly with others if we see personal benefit in them. Is it any wonder then that we become exhausted by our journey or disenchanted once we reach the place we so eagerly desired? Stay true to who you are and what you believe as you pursue your goals. Those pillars will give you purpose and motivation far greater than any superficial incentive. . #Trip434 #Pittsburgh #Sheraden #FairdaleStreet #WestEnd #Temperanceville #stepsofpittsburgh #publicstairways #historicpittsburgh #pittsburghhistory #412project #piecesofpittsburgh #steelcitygrammers #missedconnections #urbex #missteps #polaroid #spectra #wabisabi #nothinglasts #nothingisfinished #nothingisperfect #theperfectionofimperfection #sourcesofstrength #whathelpsus #hopehelpstrength

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House History

Ep. 20 – We talk to historic preservationist Justin Greenawalt about old houses, the Pittsburgh potty and Bellevue.

Body-Positive Biking

Ep. 21 – Meet Scott Kowalski, the organizer of the Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride. The bike ride is on hold for the time being, but you can learn more about this community and some of the places to ride in the city.

Circus Circus

Ep. 28 – In our most recent episode of The Slaw, we talk with two members of the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative. Curious about what it is like to be a circus performer? Take a listen. Plus, they are still finding creative ways to perform during a pandemic.

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A week ago @4thrivermusic held the COOLEST event of the winter, and the PCAC was smack dab in the center of it. Partygoers braved the elements, witnessed exhibitions of circus skill, and celebrated mother nature. With performances by @ickyvicky_sideshow , @thehillsandtherivers , @thestolenstitches , @visionsofzvzv and more, this celebratory shin-dig will be hard to beat. #thenightcircus #pghcircus #circusevents #tristennation #circusparties #circquetheburgh #pittsburghnightlife #pittsburghweddings #pittsburgh #juggler #circusarts #circusbirthdayparty #circusforhire #entertainment #pittsburghcreative #pittsburghlife #flowarts #pittsburghmagician #pittsburghjuggler #firebreather #pghacro #circuscircus #stiltwalker #ptbarnum #thegreatestshowman #greatestshowmanparty #starrymessenger

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A Collaborative Beer

Ep. 06 – Pink Boots Society is an organization of women who work in the beer industry. The Pittsburgh chapter has just released its 2020 collaboration beer, Virago’s Fury, which is available at Penn Brewery, Roundabout Brewery and The Independent Brewing Company. Last fall, we talked to Lauren Hughes, who is the assistant head brewer at Penn Brewery, about Pink Boots and some of her favorite local beers.