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Ep. 49 – Jenny Mendak loves Millvale and Millvale loves her right back

From dances to donut meetups, meet the woman whose commitment to the kids in her community is unwavering.

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“When we moved here, I went around and introduced myself to everyone.” The body piercer at Three Rivers Tattoo, Jenny Mendak reflects on parallels between her own small town upbringing and what she loves about living and working in Millvale. A little over a year ago, she decided to throw a dance for the kids in town, which led to more dances, talent shows, a trip on the Gateway Clipper, and the title of director of family and youth development for the Millvale Community Development Corporation. In 2019, residents celebrated “Millvale Loves Jenny Day” to recognize her tireless commitment to the community.

Today is Millvale Loves Jenny Day in the Borough of Millvale. We’re taking some time out of our day to stop and…

Posted by The Borough of Millvale, PA on Friday, September 27, 2019

While COVID put a stop to larger gatherings, Mendak still figures out ways to help, including basketball competitions and hikes. She wants the kids in town to have positive experiences that will help guide them into adulthood. When asked for one word to describe Millvale, she responds, “Charming. You can get a record, go get homemade candy or a milkshake, and still rent a movie all on the same block.” As such, we ask her to share her favorite spots.

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