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Back to School with Very Local: (Pittsburgh) Language

Do yinz know what nebby means? 

We have almost reached the end of back-to-school week at Very Local. We’ve got just a few more articles for yinz. Yep, today we look at Pittsburghese.

For those of you who were late to class and want to catch up, this week we themed each day’s content around some familiar school subjects: Home Ec, Phys Ed, Art, History, and Science + Technology. We suggested classes to take, things to make, and socially distant stuff to do. We profiled some of our favorite Pittsburghers. There’s a lot of content to explore, and tomorrow we will be sharing some of our favorites that you might have missed.

Back to School with Very Local: (Pittsburgh Language) Language

Yinz Hear That? A Primer on Pittsburgh Speech
Meet Pitt Professor Barbara Johnstone, who wrote the book on Pittsburghese. Literally

Shirts n’at
The best Pittsburghese gifts

Q&A Elmo Learns Pittsburghese
Last year, Elmo stopped by the Carnegie Science Center to celebrate 50 years of Sesame Street. We sent Boaz Frankel to meet Elmo and teach him some Pittsburghese

Back to School with Very Local

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