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Hey, Pittsburgh: Whatcha Drinking?

We asked a handful of local beer drinkers what they’ve been enjoying during quarantine. Here are their top picks and where you can find them.

ABV is our weekly series that highlights a different beer from a local Pittsburgh brewery every week. Check out our past picks here.

Hey! Where’d you get that beer?

Some might call it nebby – but there are times when I am genuinely curious. Where are folks getting these obscure, seemingly hard-to-find beers? Are they local?

Um, can I try one?

We asked a cutaway of Pittsburgh beer people about what they’ve been drinking during #StayHomePGH.

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Dang, I miss seeing people at breweries. Big thanks to Pink Boots Society for allowing me to drop in on their collaboration brew day at Penn Brewery, pre-quarantine. Photo: Nicole Adams

ABV, volume LXVIII

Sydney Mealey

Company / Organization: Former Outreach Coordinator at Bierport and current member of Pittsburgh Beer Ladies

What Are You Drinking: Bogtrotter, Imperial Stout (10% ABV) // via Dancing Gnome (collaboration with Humble Sea Brewing Co)

Where Did You Get It: Via beer trade

Sydney Says: Bogtrotter has such a delicious flavor; it’s reminiscent of a gooey fudge brownie with fresh raspberries and a smidge of whipped cream on top. Although I got this one via a local (beer) trade, I did purchase some from Dancing Gnome during its original release – and I just had to have more!”

“Also – am I allowed to give an honorable mention? Because Eleventh Hour’s recent stout release (Land Beast: Noches) was killer! I’m also a huge fan of their Dream Cannon series of fruited sours.”

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Dennis Guy

Company / Organization: First Sip Brew Box

What Are You Drinking: La Noche Triste, Milk Stout (5.5% ABV) // via Butler Brew Works

Where Did You Get It: Butler Brew Works (Butler, PA)

Dennis Says: “We did a big support local brewery tour this weekend. Covered 70 miles and 7 breweries! La Noche Triste was the best beer we had in the past week.”

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Terry Wiles

Company / Organization: Steel City Big Pour and Construction Junction

What Are You Drinking: Sleepy Eyes, Fruited Sour (5.7% ABV) // via Inner Groove Brewing

Where Did You Get It: Inner Groove Brewing (Verona)

Terry Says: “Sours have grown on me more and more; the fruited torte sours out of Inner Groove (actually all their sours) have always been a must grab.”

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Wake up your sleepy eyes 💤 👀 and get your order in. . To alleviate long lines, please remember we are open till 5:00 today so no need to rush over right at 2:00 😉. Please park in the parking lot across the street with your flashers on, if you can’t pull up to the building. Have your ID ready. . Food truck today is @pghsmokehouse . Sleepy Eyes | Blueberry Torte Sour | ABV 5.7% . Saving nickels, saving dimes? Working til the sun don't shine? Don't be blue. Our Blueberry Torte is the perfect ending to a long day (or breakfast if the sun is up). This delight is fruited with a dreamy amount of pure Blueberries and conditioned on Madagascar Vanilla. Its velvety sweetness and tart little zing will have you feeling better again, come what may. . . . . #beerrelease #pghdrinkstogo #pgh #craftbrew #drinkcraftbeer #pittsburghpa #breweries #breweriesinpa #pittsburghbreweries #pgbbreweries #pittsburghbrewery #pghbrewery #drinklocalpgh #innergroovebrewing #veronapa #togobeers

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Tyler Coughenour

Company / Organization: Brew Collar Guys

What Are You Drinking: 400, IPA (7% ABV) // via Four Points Brewing

Where Did You Get It: Four Points Brewing (Charleroi)

Tyler Says: “Actually got a keg of 400 for my home kegerator system, along with some cans from the brewery!”

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Brooke Franus

Company / Organization: Stewards of Beer

What Are You Drinking: Hour Series: Hour IV, New England IPA (6.8% ABV) // via Eleventh Hour Brewing

Where Did You Get It: As part of a mixed 6-pack from Carson St Deli.

Brooke Says: “Although I missed out on Hour I of the Hour Series, I got Hour II and Hour III (curbside pickup) at the brewery. They were both fantastic! For Hour IV, I got a single can – as part of a mixed 6-pack – while getting sandwiches for takeout at Carson St Deli. I’ve been enjoying many local beers, but this one really stood out!”

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Brooke Franus leads the team at Stewards of Beer. Photo: Nicole Adams

Buzzy Torek

Company / Organization: Epicast TV

What Are You Drinking: Innertube, American Lager (3.5% ABV) // via Burial Beer Co.

Where Did You Get It: Burial Beer Co is shipping direct to consumer nationwide from their brewery in Asheville, NC.

Buzzy Says: “Asheville’s favorite macro style micro brew! A more mature High Life.”

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Nick Naretto

Company / Organization: The Tangeleg – freelance photographer

What Are You Drinking: Coffee Camp: Vanilla Latte, Coffee Stout (8% ABV) // via Conny Creek Brewing

Where Did You Get It: Conny Creek Brewing (New Kensington) is selling beer and food for curbside pickup.

Nick Says: “This is an extremely smooth 8% ABV coffee stout; conditioned on lactose and vanilla. Conny Creek is now doing growler fills as well.”

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Debbie Stueber

Company / Organization: Pittsburgh Beer Ladies

What Are You Drinking: Land Beast: Noches, Imperial Stout (11.5% ABV) // via Eleventh Hour Brewing

Where Did You Get It: Eleventh Hour Brewing, via curbside takeout in Lawrenceville

Debbie Says: “Aged in Widow Jane bourbon barrels – this beer had just the right amount of spice. The chipotle peppers and notes of cinnamon and chocolate…there was so much going on in this beer. I only wish I had gotten more than one!”

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Day Bracey

Company / Organization: Fresh Fest Beer Fest and Drinking Partners Podcast

What Are You Drinking: Dark Berry Fruit Whip, Smoothie Sour Ale (6% ABV) // via Cellar Works Brewing Co.

Where Did You Get It: Curbside pickup at Cellar Works in Sarver.

Day Says: “This is part of Cellar Works’ ongoing ‘Fruit Whip‘ series – and it’s easily the best beer I’ve had all month. It starts out pretty tart, but gets creamier & more balanced as it warms. Was recommended by Zach Shumaker (from ShuBrew) – well worth the drive out to Cellar Works. They have a very COVID-friendly pickup system for online sales.”

Fun Fact: The previous iteration of ‘Fruit Whip’ sold out in 20 minutes. The ‘Fruit Whip’ iteration Day is referencing sold out in 4 minutes.

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Header Photo: a throwback look at Dancing Gnome’s (now retired) flight sample glassware. Photo by Cory Morton.