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Pigeon Bagels finds its Roost in Squirrel Hill

Located on Hobart Street, Pigeon Bagels is flying high among Pittsburgh’s bagel fans. Their in-house espresso bar is a partnership with Redhawk Coffee.

UPDATE (April 29, 2020): The bagels are back! Pigeon Bagels has started online ordering. Details on how to get your bagels here.

Pittsburgh’s got lots of things, but a thriving bagel scene ain’t one of them. Most locals can count on one hand where to find a decent bagel in the city, chains not included. So when Pigeon Bagels started popping up at farmers markets a few years ago, the local hand-rolled kettle boiled bagels gained a cult following.

Pigeon Bagels: From a Pizza Shop to a Bagel Shop

Before the brick and mortar location opened this summer, owner Gab Taube spent the last two-plus years creating the bagels out of A’Pizza Badamo in the wee hours of the morning, then wholesaling them to local coffee shops and restaurants.

From there, the venture took off, with fans grabbing the bagels, paired with homemade spreads including herb, fig & honey, tofu schmear, and house hummus, faster than the team could make them.

With a spot in Squirrel Hill on Hobart Street, Taube and their tight-knit team, which includes friends and family, serve bagels Wednesday through Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm, or earlier if they sell out.

Now that Pigeon’s in a permanent home, the offerings have expanded to include poppyseed, everything, garlic and sea salt, and pumpernickel bagels. You can order bagels by the singles or dozen, and the spot features a growing bagel sandwich menu. The shop has also started experimenting with seasonal offerings, including pies and challah.

Pigeon Bagels x Redhawk Coffee

If you’re looking to pair your Pigeon bagel with good coffee, you’ll be supporting TWO local businesses at once.

Order any coffee or espresso drink at Pigeon Bagel and enjoy the results of their collaborative partnership with Redhawk Coffee (in Oakland). The Redhawk espresso bar inside Pigeon offers a thoughtful beverage selection, including house-made syrups and house-made whipped cream to top off those drinks.

Pigeon Bagels is certified Kosher

True to its roots in the neighborhood, all of Pigeon’s menu offerings are certified kosher by the Vaad Harabanim of Greater Pittsburgh, who serves as the local kosher supervision agency in the area.

Pigeon Bagels

Know Before You Go: Pigeon Bagel

  • Bus: The 61b, 61c, and 61d all stop just outside Pigeon’s door.
  • Biking: Squirrel Hill’s plentiful dedicated biking lanes make biking simple, as long as you can handle the hills.
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