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It’s back! Fet Fisk, Pittsburgh’s pop-up Nordic dinner party, returns on May 27

After a brief hiatus, this dinner party returns with fresh shucked oysters and a fresh take on Nordic cuisine

The dinner party that everyone was talking about returns for service on Monday, May 27.

This semisecret dinner party requires guests to make a “reservation” via Instagram message. Friends of Very Local who have been lucky enough to attend past Fet Fisk dinners return with tall tales of epic meals.

Oh yes. Oh-ho-ho yes sweet guppies. Fet Fisk is back babies. We walked the plank and you noodle-legged navy boys thought we were fish food! But those bloodthirsty barracudas didn’t get us-oh no! We outsmarted every school of yellow bellied sea snakes between us and your prized vessels. Prepare to be boarded by we, pirates of pleasure we be! Swords in our teeth, we’ll swashbuckle your senses with delights of the sea!


Our next dinner is May 27th, it’s been so long, and we can’t wait to see your sweet faces! We have some really nice things we can’t wait to share with y’all. Fet Fisk out!

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