Saturday, Dec 7, 2019 1 PM

Pittsburgh Santarchy 2019! (aka SANTACON)! Sat Dec 7th!

The Church Brew Works
Getting there
3525 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Santarchy 2019 Sat Dec 7th 1pm Start Point: CHURCH BREW WORKS at the BAR. FYI SETTLE YOUR DARN FOOD/BAR BILL BEFORE 2:30PM or Santa will put yinz on the NAUGHTY LIST! *You are responsible for the amount of alcohol you choose to consume on the crawl and your food, drink, and transportation costs. Please do not drink and drive! Use Lyft, Uber, the T, cabs, and, of course, the magical water sleigh. Remember it is a magical day, give gifts! that delight, of wonder and WTF! This is the PUBLIC FB Event for Santarchy Pittsburgh. ANYONE CAN BE INVITED. COSTUMES MANDATORY! REMEMBER SANTARCHY IS ABOUT THE CRAWLS NOT ABOUT THE BARS! GIVE GIFTS be elfing awesome, make peoples days, DON'T BE A JAGOFF! Santa pays for his own and tips well! Remember a couple Christmas characters are Meh... a whole bunch is AMAZING! Santarchy KETCHUP Points (Get it... Ketchup = Catch up n'at) *In between Ketchup points YINZ are on your own. (Insert Ketchup points here) Every year Santa Changes up WHERE we are Starting. Schedule TBA! SANTARCHY GUIDELINES! 1. BE AWESOME TO KIDS (LIL AND BIG) make their days! 2. GIVE GIFTS (Cool n nice gifts to kids, STRANGE AND WILD ONES FOR ADULTS). 3. OKAY TO MESS WITH ADULTS MINDS but DON'T GET ARRESTED!!! 4. KEEP UP WITH GROUP (THE SCHEDULE WILL BE GIVEN OUT TO THE PEOPLE WHO SHOW UP AT CHURCH BREW WORKS BAR AND WE WILL ALSO TELL YOU WHERE TO GO VIA TWITTER @DamnSanta FOR YINZ THAT SHOW UP LATE). 5. WE ARE MIXING IT UP THIS YEAR TO SOME AMAZINGLY DIFFERENT THINGS So pay attention to TWITTER @DamnSanta and if you are ON TIME and at HOFBRAUHAUS at the beginning you will have a partial schedule! Remember the Four F*cks of Santarchy! 1. Don't F*ck with the POLICE! 2. Don't F*ck with Security! 3. Don't F*ck with kids! It's their holiday, keep it awesome! 4. Don't F*ck with Other Santarchists! Help your own! Santarchy FAQ: Q: Is this some sort of political statement? A: No, it's fun. Remember fun? Q: What are you protesting? A: S%$tty holiday parties. Q: Who's in charge? A: Santa! Q: Which Santa? A: The one with the beard. Q: Which Santa with a beard? A: That's it, you're on the naughty list. Q: Where are you going? A: Nobody knows but Santa. Q: Can I join you? A: Get into a costume and we'll talk. Q: But I don't have a costume? A: Buy us all a round of drinks and we'll talk. ps. Santa is a veteran of the Santa Banana Wars of DC. No fights pranks yes, yelling yes! NO FIGHTING! Remember that Santa is ON TIME until 2:00pm, at which point the herd will be shepherded toward its next watering hole\\awesome fun place and then time loses all meaning. DO NOT BE LATE.