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Ep. 50 – Meet JaQuay Edward Carter of the Greater Hazelwood Historical Society of Pittsburgh

For him, history is not just about preserving the past, it is about the progress and the future of the community

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JaQuay Edward Carter’s mother used to call him “old soul, young buck.” And now, years later, that passion for the past led to the founding of the Greater Hazelwood Historical Society of Pittsburgh. The organization’s early stages were closely tied to his interest in learning his own family’s history in Hazelwood; one interview with a grandparent would lead to another with a neighbor. “You would think that [the historical society] would just be about the past and protecting the history of the neighborhood,” he explains. “But it is also about the future and being able to plan in order to develop and design things in the community.”

One of Carter’s favorite finds since starting the historical society is that Hazelwood was home to the inventor of the game bingo.

PITTSBURGHER INVENTED GAME OF BINGO:Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, November 1935HAZELWOOD Man, Hugh J. Ward, Invented…

Posted by Greater Hazelwood Historical Society of Pittsburgh on Thursday, April 30, 2020

In this episode, he also shares some of notable playwright August Wilson’s ties to Hazelwood and some goals for preservation. Plus he provides some history of the Woods House — one of the oldest places in the city. It dates back to 1792 and is now transformed into a historic pub that is opening soon.


For more Pittsburgh history and to stay up to date with Carter’s efforts, head to the Greater Hazelwood Historical Society of Pittsburgh’s website and Facebook page.

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