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Ep. 54 – Meet graphic designer Paul Haggerty

From “we’ll make it together” to “yinz got this,” his modern vintage vibe will lift your spirits

It’s maker month on The Slaw. For the next four weeks, we are interviewing some Pittsburgh artists and makers.

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Watch some highlights from our interview with Paul Haggerty

Modern vintage moods

Meet graphic designer Paul Haggerty. His moody aesthetic and vintage vibe can be seen locally on T-shirts, stickers and pins. “I try to imagine what that would be like if the 70s never ended,” Haggerty explains. You might have recently seen his “we’ll make it together” designs for sale at Workshop PGH. When asked what it is like seeing his work out in the world, Haggerty admits to being overly excited and even sometimes snapping a secret photo. “It’s cool that it resonated with somebody enough to buy it. It’s a big deal for somebody to spend money on your stuff.” Growing up, Haggerty watched his parents handle merch and posters for his dad’s band. From there, a notable career day field trip to an ad agency helped him realize that he wanted to be a graphic designer — even if no one around him quite understood what that meant. In this episode, Haggerty shares some of his many “pandemic projects,” what inspires him and his dream project.


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What’s the one thing you should know this week?

It’s the much-anticipated opening of the Tal and Bert storefront in Dormont. Their planters with integrated gems and minerals have received national press from CNN, Cosmo magazine and more, but us lucky local folks can sign up for spots to shop in-person at their mercantile or dig in the dirt at their “Plant It Bar.”


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The audio episode was hosted by Stephanie Brea, recorded remotely, engineered and edited by Epicast Studios. Video by Daymon Long.

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