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Ep. 48 – “Sharp knives, no rules.” Mike Carney of Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

From cooking mottos to building the most Pittsburgh of Pittsburgh sandwiches, we catch up with the local chef responsible for some of the city’s favorite meals

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Mike Carney, Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

In this episode we chat with Mike Carney, who, along with his partner, Erin Andrzejewski, owns Pittsburgh Sandwich Society. Learn how he got his start in kitchens and why they started the business with a food truck instead of a restaurant.

Who’s a member of this sandwich society? We all are — customers, social media followers, and the people who offer critiques and motivation to keep going. As such, Carney explains how he is wrestling with the reality that “the core of [their] industry is bringing people together and [their] purpose is to have a line at the truck,” so he questions if it is “right or socially responsible to serve people at this time,” while noting their social distance sandwich slide invention and modified order and payment systems. At our request, he designs the most Pittsburgh of Pittsburgh sandwiches (spoiler alert, Rick Sebak is an integral part of the process). For folks who recall our Sunny Side Up Brunch series, we learn who and what was the inspiration for the unique sandwiches on the menu each month, and Carney reveals the one brunch sandwich he promises to make in the future when it is safe to gather again.

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society’s socially distant delivery system

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