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Ep. 44 Talking “women’s work” and hand-stitching with Julie Zaichuk-Ryan

Meet the owner of South Atlantic Stitching Company

Meet Julie Zaichuk-Ryan of South Atlantic Stitch Company

This is back-to-school week at Very Local PGH. Each day’s content is themed around a familiar subject. And since this episode goes live for home ec. day, we made sure our guest fits the theme: Meet Julie Zaichuk-Ryan, owner of South Atlantic Stitching Company. She is a sewist whose work is a modern take on traditional needlecraft. In addition to selling her work via her Etsy store, taking custom orders and repairs, and doing pattern editing for other quilters and crafters, Zaichuk-Ryan teaches classes at Cut & Sew Studio in Morningside. In this episode, we talk about the importance of hand stitching as a means of slowing down, about “women’s work” and what that means to her, and what inspires her. Her advice for beginning sewists is similar to that of some previous guests: Just do it and do not be afraid of making mistakes. “There’s no fear in sewing.” Zaichuk-Ryan encourages folks to tackle a project they are interested in, even if it is above their current skill level, in order to stay excited throughout the project.

Quilt Repair

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Before & After (you may need to zoom): quilt repair from my previous post, including the original hand-embroidered tag, which I carefully detached from the original backing fabric and re-applied to the new back. This quilt was made by Marlena’s grandmother, who was obviously incredibly special to her. One of the things I find so special about needlework and quilting is that, because it has traditionally been “women’s work”, the handing down of these objects that are handmade ties generations of women together, as if these stitches are a bond between us all. It’s very special that I could help preserve that here. 💖💖💖 @marlena.helen #quilt #quilting #quiltrepair #embroidery #embroideredtag #quilttag #patchwork

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An example of a modern log cabin quilt square

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UPDATE: ALL FULL! 💕 Hey! Quilty types! I’m going to be doing a new Virtual Quilt Skill Builder Series II class, starting August 5th via @cutandsewstudio — this time, we will look at a different group of blocks each week, focusing on block types that offer endless variations. In Week 1, we’ll make a Log Cabin block and play with the million ways you create different looks and effects. Over the four weeks, we will also cover Disappearing Blocks, Wonky Blocks, and Complex Stars. 💙 You do not need to have taken the first series to enjoy this class, you just need to be comfortable with basic patchwork skills (accurate 1/4” seams and rotary cutting) and ready to play and have fun! I like to think of this one as more like a Block Of The Week Hang, where we sew together and play a little! 💙 Let me know if you have any questions, or visit @cutandsewstudio for more info and booking! (P.S. This class is actually half-full already!) 💙 #logcabinquilt #virtualclasses #zoomclasses #virtualsewing #sewingclasses #quiltclass #pittsburghevents

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Follow South Atlantic Stitching Company and sign up for classes

Cut & Sew Studio Virtual Classes (as of 9/8 there are spots available for the Basic Quilt Class she mentions in this episode, but she teaches other classes too!)

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It’s that time again! Time for me to make a whole new gang of quilters. Aka, my favorite time! 🥰 Join me this fall for a virtual version of my starting-right-from-the-beginning quilting class, The Basic Quilt via @cutandsewstudio , starting September 30th. 🌟 This will be an almost exact adaptation of the in-person class: six sessions, starting with how to cut fabric, covering the most basic building blocks of patchwork, the quilting process, design theory, all the way down to hand-stitching the binding. You must be comfortable with your home sewing machine and some basic sewing concepts, but no quilting experience is needed. This course is designed to give you confidence to tackle your own quilt projects right away. 🌟 Let me know if you have any questions, or check out @cutandsewstudio for info and booking, and I hope you’ll join me! 🌟 #quiltclass #quiltingforbeginners #virtualsewingclass #virtualclasses #sewingonline

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These episodes might be older, but they’re still timely

Press play on Episode 17 with Pittsburgh puppeteer Dave English. In this episode, we talk about his upcoming show “The Dragon of Polish Hill.” If you want to check it out, you still can, because it is now a virtual streaming show via The New Hazlett Theater on Sept. 24 and 25.

Another one from the archives with a timely connection is Episode 29, which is an interview with Alicia Carberry. After listening, if you are inspired to participate in the Garbage Olympics, sign-ups are open for neighborhood teams and the event is Saturday, Sept. 26.

This episode was hosted by Stephanie Brea, recorded remotely, engineered and edited by Epicast Studios.

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