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Ep. 42 Communi-tea & collaboration, Danielle Spinola/Tupelo Honey Teas

In addition to collaborating with local breweries, Danielle is foraging & blending teas to support the preservation of Girty’s Woods

Danielle Spinola/Tupelo Honey Teas

Danielle Spinola has been serving her specialty tea blends to Pittsburghers since 2007. In 2016, she expanded Tupelo Honey Teas and opened a plant-based cafe in Millvale, returning to her hometown and working to build community with an emphasis on sustainability and collaboration. In this episode, she gives an excellent tea explainer and discusses the health benefits of the beverage. We learn her views about plants as medicine and the level of care she and her team take when blending and selling tea to customers. Is tea, well, not your cup of tea? Spinola takes a “thinking outside the box” approach to tea and her business, which means that her blends are often used in collaborations with local breweries and distilleries for some harder-edged drinks. The episode concludes with her latest collaboration project: She is foraging in Girty’s Woods each week to create a tea used to raise money for the Allegheny Land Trust’s purchase of the 155 acres that span Millvale, Shaler, and Reserve in order to preserve it as green space. Spinola’s contribution is just one part of the initiative; additional upcoming fundraisers include a pasta dinner at Sprezzatura on Sept. 19.

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Did you know our GRAND RE-OPENING CELEBRATION is MONDAY!!!!!!!! Stop down between 3 and 8 to check out our new window! Specials coming soon, including THIS TEA! I foraged for it this morning here in #millvale. It is a project I'm doing to raise money and awareness for #GirtysWoods . $1 from each sale will go towards our local goal of $40,000 and Tupelo's goal of $500 by the end of summer. What is Girty's Woods? Well if you are standing at our window and look up on the hill….. That big swath of greenness we all love is hopefully going to become a park. @triboroecodistrict and @alleghenylandtr are raising funds to secure the land and make actual trails. Keep an eye out each week for what the foraged tea will be! This week it is a honeysuckle and spicebush tea! #foraged #tea #local #supportlocal #eatyourland

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C is for cookie

What goes great with tea? Cookies. This week, we dug through our archives to find a previously unreleased clip. Very Local freelancer/cookie enthusiast Boaz Frankel recommends his favorite chocolate chip cookies around town.

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