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Ep. 41 – Blending Spices and Stories with Jalsa by Veda

Meet Veda Sankaran whose personal cooking philosophy combines her Indian heritage and her Western PA upbringing 

Jalsa by Veda

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Most people when they think of chicken and waffles, the crispy southern fried chicken is what comes to mind. Though I enjoy it for it’s deliciousness, the central and eastern Pennsylvania style is what’s closest to my heart since it’s a taste of home. It’s usually quite a simple meal- roast chicken that’s pulled apart atop ready made waffles with a basic chicken gravy. Though the elements are simple, something in that combination makes it an ultimate comfort food. I used my taste memories of that dish and created a Jalsa style version with chicken breasts marinated in my signature spice mix and a little curry powder to add that Indian flavor. Instead of a classic chicken gravy, I blended the onions, carrots, and garlic, I’d roasted with the chicken and made a heartier gravy with that purée. If you’d like to try this recipe, grab a spice mix from and look for the recipe which will be up tomorrow.

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Veda Sankaran combines her Indian heritage and her Western Pennsylvanian upbringing to tell her personal story via her cooking. Jalsa by Veda is one part recipe website, one part cooking classes and popup dinners, and one part specialty spice blend. In this episode, we learn how Sankaran came to love cooking, the recipe that started her eponymous spice blend, and where she loves to shop for ingredients. She shares her takes on some very Pittsburgh foods and we talk about why she thinks cooking is important to so many people right now.

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Posted by Jalsa by Veda on Friday, July 10, 2020

A bit prickly but easy to love

Has this scorcher of a summer wrecked your plants? Are you someone whose perfect plant match is something low maintenance? Synthesis is a specialty plant store in Shadyside that specializes in cacti, succulents, and other sculptural plants.

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