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Ep. 33 Natasha Brittain of Shadyside Nursery will help you flex your green thumb

Dig into houseplants for beginners, grow your self confidence, and beautify your backyard

Natasha Brittain of Shadyside Nursery

In this episode, we chat plants with Natasha Brittain, one of the owners of Shadyside Nursery. From a very young age, this self-proclaimed #plantlady would ask her mom for spending money that she would use to buy plants (coleus, specifically). Brittain shares some of the benefits of caring for plants and we discuss why she thinks folks are flexing their green thumbs now more than ever. Do you kill every plant you bring home? She believes that there is a perfect plant match for everyone, you just might not have found yours yet. What does a woman who has upwards of 70 houseplants consider to be her favorite? Sansevieria, commonly known as snake plant. Plus, get some inspiration from the customer who took his vacation money to recreate a Florida poolside experience in his Western Pennsylvania backyard.

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Follow along with the W.P. Wampler Mansion restoration

William P. Wampler was a lumber dealer and burgess whose McKeesport home was once so grand it earned the moniker “Castle Place.” This past April, the house’s new owner began documenting the house’s extensive restoration, making regular public updates so folks can follow along. To see what an undertaking this project is, you can view the professional “before” photos here. For more day-to-day action, follow along with the house’s progress on Facebook.

Picnic in the park

We’re all looking for more spots to get outdoors this summer, and Farmer x Baker at the Aspinwall Riverfront Park offers the perfect picnic plan. The farmer-forward, seasonally inspired spot is located in a reclaimed shipping container and open for walk-in service on weekends. There’s no table service, so BYO chairs and blankets.

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