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Ep. 31 – Hello Neighbor supports recently resettled refugees in Pittsburgh

We chat with Sloane Davidson about how to help our newest neighbors

Meet Hello Neighbor

Founded in 2017, Hello Neighbor is a local nonprofit organization that supports recently resettled refugees via mentorship and a range of programming designed to help them settle in Pittsburgh. Last year, they served 97 refugee families from 12 different countries. In this episode, we chat with founder and CEO Sloane Davidson about how the organization got its start and how they changed some of their offerings after the onset of COVID-19. Davidson calls out our city’s confusing signs and wayfinding. It can be difficult to navigate in Pittsburgh as a local — you have to cross multiple lanes to exit in 300 feet, and what the heck is the belt system? Imagine if you also had to navigate with a language barrier. After listening, if you are inspired to help your newest neighbors, you can get involved here.

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Host Stephanie Brea goes on record to declare the burgers at Salem’s Market and Grill in the Strip as being the best in the city. She reviewed her bank statement to highlight the takeout she has ordered most often the past few months. Besides Salem’s, the most frequent charges were for Thai Gourmet in Bloomfield and Badamo’s Pizza in the Northside. This segment is one part thank you to these folks for their safe, socially distant takeout operations and one part straight up you should eat here regardless of coronavirus restaurant recommendation. Who has been keeping you happy and well fed? Think another restaurant whose name starts with a T has the best burger in the city? Drop us a note; we welcome emails and messages.

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