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Ep. 21 Scott Kowalski on Pittsburgh’s Underwear Bike Ride.

The number one rule for participating in Pittsburgh’s Underwear Bike Ride: Don’t be a jag.

Scott Kowalski is the organizer of Pittsburgh’s Underwear Bike Ride. In this episode, he talks with us about body positivity, exploring the city by bike, and what to expect if you want to join the fun. We also highlight Bicycle Heaven, a unique museum right off of the Three Rivers Heritage trail, and give a shoutout to the location of Pittsburgh’s first telephone pole.

Scott Kowalski: Bike in your undies, but don’t be a jag.

Scott Kowalski is the organizer of Pittsburgh’s Underwear Bike Ride, a group bicycle ride that is free to attend. On the last Thursday of each month, May through October, the group assembles in their skivvies at the corner of 46th and Butler to ride at 8 p.m. Routes and after-party spots change each month, so the ride is a good way to explore the city as a group.

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Bicycle Heaven

Pittsburgh is home to the world’s largest bicycle museum. Bicycle Heaven is home to 6,000 bicycles, and is conveniently located just off of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

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Pittsburgh’s First Phone Pole

In this, the era of using our phones to check the news, order takeout, watch a movie, or group text, our team took a minute to dig into some Pittsburgh history. And thanks to Leon J. Pollom and his website Now Then Pittsburgh, we learned the location of the first telephone pole in Pittsburgh. Shoutout to the Giant Eagle parking lot on Shakespeare St., on the border of East Liberty and Shadyside. For more details head over to Now Then Pittsburgh.

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