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Video: The Farmers’ Market Co-op of East Liberty

Every Saturday morning for the last 78 years, the Farmers Market Cooperative has been a mainstay in East Liberty. Get to know the families behind it.

The farmers markets in Squirrel Hill and Bloomfield will be closing up for the season come winter but there’s one market in Pittsburgh that’s open 52 weeks a year. It also happens to be the oldest continuously operating market in all of western Pennsylvania.

Since July 1941, the Farmers’ Market Cooperative of East Liberty has been open every Saturday in the old yellow brick building just across the street from Home Depot in East Liberty.

With a wide range of offerings that change with the seasons, you can pick up some Pennsylvania produce, locally-raised meat (including poultry, beef, pork, lamb and even rabbit), foraged mushrooms, small-batch barbecue sauces, freshly-squeezed apple cider, Indian food, balsamic vinegars, doughnuts, and a wide selection of jams and preserves made by local Amish farmers.

The co-op is jointly owned by four farming families who have each been involved for at least a few decades. John Kennedy’s family, who runs the Kennedy Meat Stand, has been selling hand-raised meat there since that very first Saturday in 1941. All the farmers are more than happy to chat about the market’s storied history (which includes a dramatic fire that almost made them miss a week), walk you through different cuts of steak or talk you through all those varieties of squash.

Yes, there are TWO Farmer’s Markets in East Liberty

Many folks who are regulars at the City of Pittsburgh Farmers’ Market have not yet been to the Farmers’ Market Co-op.

  • The Farmers’ Market Cooperative of East Liberty is open every Saturday, year-round. The Co-op is indoors, across the street from Home Depot.
  • The City of Pittsburgh hosts a seasonal Farmers’ Market on Monday evenings from 3 pm to 7 pm in the Garland Parklet lot next to the firehouse. (Corner of N. Euclid Ave. & Broad St.).  The City of Pittsburgh Farmers’ Market is outdoors.

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Know before you go: The Farmers’ Market Co-op of East Liberty

You can stop by the Farmer’s Market Cooperative of East Liberty (344 North Sheridan Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206) for fresh food and conversation every Saturday from 5 AM to noon. 




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