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All the discount movie nights in Pittsburgh

See more movies. Keep more money in your pocket.

Maybe you are recovering from the saga of MoviePass or maybe you are just a thrifty Pittsburgher but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a senior or a student to get a deal on movie tickets.

Several local movie theaters offer discount movie days. We’ve put together a day-by-day guide to where to go for cheap movie seats.



Mighty Movie Mondays @ Waterworks Cinema

Tickets are $6.25 all day

All seats are luxury, reclining seats

Bargain Mondays @ Southside Works

Tickets for all 2D movies are $5, all day on Monday. And really, who likes 3D movies anyway?


$5 Movies @ All AMC Theaters

You must be an AMC Stubs member to get the $5 movie tickets. You can sign up for AMC Stubs online for free.

AMC Theaters near Pittsburgh:

Tip – buy your tickets at the theater instead of online to save the $1.25 convenience fee

$5.50 Movies @ Cinemark McCandless Crossing

Standard films are $5.50, there is an upcharge for XD Films. Tickets can be purchased online.


Bargain Wednesdays @ Manor Theater

All tickets are $7.00. All movies, all day.


The Other Four Days of the Week

Sorry, Charlie, you’re going to have to pay full price. Some movies are worth it! Maybe go to one of Pittsburgh’s fine independent cinemas!