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A Makerspace on a mission: get to know Prototype PGH

Pittsburgh's feminist makerspace, Prototype exists at the intersection of empowerment and the maker community. Learn more at a workshop or open house.

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Shredding with Feralcat, the sax rock frontman

With the backing of a progressive rock ensemble, Pittsburgh's other sax man Roger (Feralcat) Romero will drop a self-titled debut album this weekend.

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VIDEO: Hitching a Ride with Alberta’s Pizza

Meet Alberta's Pizza. Every week, Beau Mitall packs a mobile pizza restaurant into his Ford Escape. In tow is his trusty wood-fired oven.

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Video: Slowdanger Performance Ahead

It's dance theatre. It's music. It's an expression of magic. And it's happening right here in Pittsburgh. Meet the duo that comprises a collaborative performance entity known as 'slowdanger.'