Just add ice to these Boyd & Blair pre-mixed cocktails

Don’t feel like prepping and mixing drinks for your holiday guests? Boyd and Blair has a line of (local) pre-batched cocktails that are ready to serve.

Update 2/28/2020: Boyd & Blair has added a new ready to drink cocktail – Blood Orange Cosmopolitan

With the holidays in full swing, it’s time to make sure you have a fully stocked bar for your next gathering of friends and family so there’s enough good cheer to go ‘round.

By nature of his trade, Barry Young, master distiller for Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, makers of Boyd & Blair vodka and BLY rum, is often the person tasked with bringing libations to his family gatherings. It was from this demand that his new line of ready-to-drink cocktails was born.

Boyd & Blair carries a line of pre-batched cocktails that come pre-mixed and ready to drink. Photo: Boyd & Blair

Pre-batched cocktails are ready to serve

“I’ve always been hesitant to do anything that was flavored because I think bartenders and the public can do that on their own, but when I’d attend big family gatherings I’d always pre-batch a cocktail and it went over so well,” says Young.

In September, the three flagship flavors – daiquiri, iced tea and lemonade and lemon and lavender – rolled out in Fine Wines & Good Spirits stores across the state. Each is made using a Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries base spirit and ingredients selected by Young for quality.

“We buy lavender florets and bulk Earl Grey tea. We’re making all products for the additional ingredients [for these cocktails]. We still only use Pennsylvania potatoes for our vodka and molasses that’s made in Lancaster for our rum. From my perspective, I think we’re being true to our brand. Everything from the base up is what I would do at home,” says Young.

Boyd & Blair carries a line of pre-batched cocktails that come pre-mixed and ready to drink. Photo: Boyd & Blair

A pair of holiday (seasonal) flavors

For the holiday season, Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries has released two new flavors: Autumn Mule (chai tea, ginger, citrus with Boyd & Blair) and Cranberry, Pomegranate, Lime with Boyd & Blair. All of the flavors are available in three-bottle flask sets and one-liter bottles.

Young wants his products to shine and be a simple way for consumers to enjoy a nice drink without sacrificing quality. Each cocktail is between 30 and 40 proof and can be served simply chilled, over ice or with a little added garnish.

“They want it simple and I get that. I’m tired when I get home. I just want a drink,” says Young.

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