All the best places to find a real bagel in Pittsburgh

Can you find a good bagel in Pittsburgh?

Bagel lovers and Brooklynites will tell you that a good bagel is hard to find in Pittsburgh. In the 1980s, the Squirrel Hill neighborhood was home to both Bageland and Bagel Nosh. There was a time when bountiful options existed for bagels in the ‘Burgh. The time of bagel options has come to an end.

These days, it is a lot harder to find a real bagel in Pittsburgh. Bagels have been growing in popularity outside of Western Pennsylvania, and New York Magazine declared 2015 the “Year of the Bagel.” But this breakfast bread of choice has been struggling in Pittsburgh. Some have blamed the war on carbs…

While we are not sure of the reason for the decline, based on our research, we know there is still a demand for a respectable bagel in this part of the world.

Where to find the best bagels in Pittsburgh

For those in search of a better bagel, here are all the Pittsburgh (and near Pittsburgh) bagel bakers. Know of another bagel spot that should be on the list? Let us know on Twitter @verylocalpgh.

Pigeon Bagels / Squirrel Hill

Our research concludes that Pigeon Bagels currently offers the best bagel in the ‘Burgh. Pigeon got their start selling bagels at farmers markets and popups. In June 2019, Pigeon Bagels opened a storefront in Squirrel Hill next to Artists & Craftsmen Supplies. Scroll down for our video about Pigeon Bagels.


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Bloomfield Farmers Market: 9 am until we sell out!

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Bagel Factory / Squirrel Hill

This is likely Pittsburgh’s oldest bagel bakery. There is one Bagel Factory location in Squirrel Hill. (The Shadyside and Oakland locations have closed.) They don’t seem to have any online presence, but we know they exist and bake bagels.

Website: we were unable to load the Bagel Factory website

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Spirit Bagels / Bloomfield or Lawrenceville

Spirit is a bar/event venue in Lawrenceville that also sells amazing pizza. Spirit is now in the bagel business, and that is every bagel lovers business.

Order bagels online and you can pick them up at the Bloomfield Saturday Market or at Spirit on Sunday.


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Lola’s Eatery / Lawrenceville

Starting May 21, Lola’s Eatery will be taking custom orders. You can order a half-dozen or dozen bagels for pickup.


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Acorn Pittsburgh / Shadyside

The newest bagel baker in the ‘Burgh is Acorn. Acorn is known more as a dinner/brunch spot, but they’ve started boiling bagels and you can buy them online. In addition to single bagels, they’ve got schmears, bagel fixins and a bagel box with a mimosa kit.

Website: Order bagels online here.

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Oakmont Bakery / Oakmont

Thanks to the Pittsburgh subreddit we learned that Oakmont Bakery does sell bagels.


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Beaver Bagel Co. / Bridgewater (Beaver County)

Yep, there is a bagel baker in Beaver County. Located in the town of Bridgewater, the Beaver Bagel Company has been baking bagels since 2015. We don’t know much about them, but we are already planning a bagel field trip (for research purposes).


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Video: meet Pigeon Bagels

In case you missed it, here is our video tour of Pigeon Bagels.

Bagel gifts from the ‘Burgh

Check out some of these bagel gifts from Pittsburgh artists that are available on Etsy.

Pittsburgh artist Garbella screenprints some sweet bagel gifts from her studio in Lawrenceville.

Artist Emily McGaughey has a bread bundle sticker pack that includes bagels and other comfort carbs.

Watercolor artist Jen Joyce has a print of the bagels of New York. We’re partial to her slices of Pittsburgh print.

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This story was originally published in February 2019. We’re delighted to see so many new bagel options in the ‘Burgh.