Advertising on Very Local

How advertising works on Very Local

One of the things we’d like to do with Very Local is not drown our readers in ads. No pop-ups, no blinking banners, no pre-roll video commercials. But we still make money from advertising, via ads that have the same high standard as our content. It’s our goal to transparently communicate what on the site is an ad and also help make sure the quality of that advertising content is as high as possible.

What will that look like?

Sponsored content— Any time you see a story that is described as “Sponsored” on Very Local, this is something our editorial team has independently produced that a sponsor has lent financial support to. Often these will be our regular features like “ABV”. The advertiser has no editorial input on these stories.

Branded content— Any time you see a story that is described as “In partnership with” on Very Local, this is branded content or stories paid for by an advertiser. The Very Local team will still ensure these are high quality stories, but this content is produced outside of our core team.

Working with Very Local— We’re out here in partnership with the community— making advertising, producing content, throwing events. Do you want to advertise or sponsor Very Local? Hit us up! Are you interested in producing stories or video for Very Local? We’re into that too! Have any other questions? Send us an email at