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Meet the Very Local Team

Lindsay Patross at Picklesburgh. Photo Cred: Danielle Peck

Name: Lindsay Patross

Role: Local Market Manager / Editor

Current Neighborhood: Shadyside

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Pro Tip: Free parking! Metered parking AND most loading zones are free on Sundays.

Fave Pittsburgh Memory: The first Open Streets (and all of the Open Streets). It is really great to see so many people enjoying walking/biking through Pittsburgh neighborhoods on a Sunday morning. When I first heard about the idea of closing down the streets, I thought it would never work. But it has become one of the best summer activities and it is free to everyone.

Fave Place(s) to Take an Out of Town Visitor: This is a tough one. If someone has not been to Pittsburgh before they need to ride the Duquesne Incline and check out the museum at the top. The Duquesne Incline museum is definitely worth the $0.50 to visit. Enrico’s in the strip for lunch. If the weather is nice – I often rent bikes at Golden Triangle Bike Rental or kayak the rivers from Kayak Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Place You Miss: Shady Skates


Aadam Soorma at Ascender. Photo Cred: Rhabit Analytics

Name: Aadam Soorma

Role: Digital Curator

Current Neighborhood: Sharpsburg

Hometown: Akron-Canton, Ohio

Pittsburgh Pro Tip: Treat yourself to breakfast at Grandma B’s in the Hill District. It’s lowkey, approachable and very community-focused. Dorian is delightful to chat with and his diner fare is the best in Pittsburgh.

Fave Pittsburgh Memory: Both the 2018 and 2019 Fresh Fest beer festivals – in the Northside – were the most diverse, truly FUN festivals I’ve ever been to in my life.

Fave Place(s) to Take an Out of Town Visitor: KLVN for coffee. Smoke for lunch. Dancing Gnome for beers. Cinderlands Warehouse for food (and more beers). The Goldmark for drinks and dancing. In that order.

Pittsburgh Place You Miss: Hot Mass.


Stephanie Brea at Industrious. Photo Cred: Danielle Peck

Name: Stephanie Brea

Role: Events Coordinator / Podcast Producer

Current Neighborhood: Central Northside

Hometown: Greensburg, PA

Pittsburgh Pro Tip:

Fave Pittsburgh Memory: I was an exchange student to Finland in high school, and as cliched as it sounds, coming home after a year away and seeing the iconic view as we emerged from the Fort Pitt Tunnel actually made me cry. That was in 1998 and I still sometimes get that feeling. Doing events work for the past seven years means that I have lots of great memories and I get to meet lots of great Pittsburghers. But if I had to short list, I would say when local youth bands collaborate with touring bands to perform at Pittonkatonk, when we got to honor Rick Sebak and show his films for Sebak-to-Back, exploring the city’s private clubs with Roaming Social Club, and that time we threw a 200th birthday party for the city celebrating the bicentennial of Pittsburgh’s incorporation. We recreated city neighborhoods upstairs at Spirit, complete with a whiskey rebellion reenactment obstacle course, trivia, and more. Attendees had to wear nametags and become famous Pittsburghers. That event was my love letter to the city, and I am glad I was able to make it happen.

Fave Place(s) to Take an Out of Town Visitor: Gooski’s for wings and pierogies and Iron City. We always make sure folks see Randyland (it’s just a block away from our house). Depending how long they are visiting, I would make sure we hit up Allegheny City Brewery, Salem’s Market & Grill in the Strip, and the Point (my dad helped build the fountain in the ‘70s). And no one goes home without having eaten a Leona’s ice cream sandwich.

Pittsburgh Place You Miss: Bayardstown Social Club


Dominic Cincotta alongside his dog Brewknow.

Name: Dominic Cincotta

Role: Digital Sales Strategist

Current Neighborhood: Morningside

Hometown: Wellsville, PA

Pittsburgh Pro Tip: Buy a bike… Pittsburgh has more amazing bike trails from single track to rails-to-trails than any other city I’ve been to. Frick Park is legendary among mountain bikers up and down the east coast… Don’t discount the massive amount of green space and the quality management of it that Pittsburgh has.

Fave Pittsburgh Memory: Being a transplant, I would say my favorite memory was anything that happened during my transition to a new city. I didn’t know anyone when I moved here blindly for a job in my early 20s. I was prepared for the worst, but was amazingly surprised in what I think now is a bit of a cliche, but the people were awesome. I had spent 2 years in Philly and never really felt comfortable. In Shadyside, ala 2003-2008 I quickly found a family of friends via the William Penn Tavern, Walnut Grill, The Deli Company and so many other spots. To this day, I still Mountain Bike, Brew Beer, and have Sunday Funday with the same group… although there are a whole lot more kids these days.

Fave Place(s) to Take an Out of Town Visitor: This is tough because I’m not the touristy guy… I like to show folks the real Pittsburgh. It changes depending but the theme is the same. It would be my local bar/restaurant which is currently The Bulldog Pub in Morningside. It’s those types of places where you really discover what Pittsburgh is about.

Pittsburgh Place You Miss: I’m a transplant that moved here in 2003 so I don’t have the longest history to choose from. However, the Firehouse Lounge in the Strip District is a place I miss a lot. The Firehouse was a real center of activity, creativity, and fun in the mid 2000s. Spencer, now of The Warren downtown, and I had a lot of fun in that era when Pittsburgh seemed to really be finding it’s rebirth in art, music, culture, and tech. It was awesome to see a hugely diverse crowd come together in one spot like a family every Friday and Saturday night to enjoy awesome music, great drinks, and dancing. Many of Pittsburgh’s best known DJ’s got their start here and the legendary 3 floor party will forever be one of my favorite nights.


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