Civil War Pittsburgh

The Slaw 03: Civil War Pittsburgh // Make+Matter // Abjuration's 2nd Anniversary

In this episode of The Slaw: Staying on top of Pittsburgh, we talk to Rich Condon who runs the Civil War Pittsburgh website. Through events and social media, Rich shares the stories and places around Western Pennsylvania that were significant to the Civil War. Our collaboration segment spotlights the Make+Matter shop in Lawrenceville and our event selection is the Abjuration Brewing 2nd Anniversary Party on November 30.

Meet the Shop Dogs of Pittsburgh

These local, lovable dogs just cannot wait to meet you. Here are nine Pittsburgh shops you can visit and be greeted by a friendly pupper.

Halcyon Salon takes Root on Penn Ave

One of only four Green Circle certified salons in the area, you can now visit Halcyon; a space that is deeply committed to inclusion and sustainability.